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This Property is special to develop tourism projects next to the Huacarpay Lakes area in the central highlands of Peru is a wetlands area where a variety of high elevation aquatic birds are readily seen. Because the area is near Cusco, it is an excellent place to spend a first day of birding after flying into Cusco from Lima the first morning of a tour. This beautiful lake has an outstanding number of almost 60 resident birds species as well as being a very important resting grounds for migratory birds, this area offers some of the specialties of the country and of course Endemics…such as the gracile Rusty fronted Canastero, found on the ground or crawling over some twigs, the spectacular Bearded Mountaineer, hovering over blushes of pink of the beautiful Qantu flowers.Some of the specialties are commonly seen, this includes the very attractive Sparkling Violetear seen very aboundly in the lake´s area, Yellow- winged Black-birds, Many-colored Rush-Tyrants and the elusive Plumbeous Rail, without counting the several species of ducks and teals, flycatchers and members of the fringillidae family.Some of the 7 species of raptors can be seen soaring once it warms up over the cristal color water of the lake. Cusco-Huacarpay Early morning departure towards the south of Cusco, making selected stops around lake for birding.We hope to find Andean Lapwings, Rufus-naped Ground-Tyrant, Bearded Mountaineer, Puna Ibis, Band-tailed Seed-eaters, Cinereous Harrier and others.

Maximum Altitude: 11,200 ft Distance Travelled: 35 kms-22 miles




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Price / m2
  US $ 80.00 negotiable by owner
  Huacarpay, Lucre - Quispicanchis, Cusco
  Huacarpay Lakes are located about 20 minutes drive from Cusco in the central Andes Mountains of Peru.


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